VIN Calculators
June 10, 2009 (published)

VIN Calculators Secondary Text

Body Surface Area

Converts BSA from lbs. or kgs.


Provides reference intervals for dogs based on body weight.

Chocolate Toxicity

Estimates treatment needed for ingestion of different types/quantities of chocolate.

Constant Rate Infusion

Easy method for calculating CRI formulas.

Drug Dilution

Calculates diluent needed, drug volume and end amounts when diluting drugs.

Energy Requirements

Interactive energy requirement calculator.

Emergency Drugs

Use this handy tool to calculate dosages for emergency drugs and fluids, as well as voltage settings for defibrillation.

Free Water Deficit

Calculates time, volume, fluid rate and estimated decrease in sodium from current and target concentrations of sodium for acute and chronic patients.

Heartworm Susceptibility

Use this calculator to determine heartworm susceptibility window.

Phlebotomy Volume

Calculates amount of blood to remove in polycythemic animals.

Transfusion Volume

Calculates volume of whole blood to transfuse.

Unit Conversions

Converts common blood chemistries from Standard Units to Scientific, temperatures from F to C, weights from lbs to kgs and more!

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