Appointment Confirmation

Confirmed appointments via email, you just made my job 100x easier!! Thank you guys and gals!! This rocks!!!

Michelle Franko, Receptionist

Appointment Confirmation

A missed appointment in your calendar can throw your whole day off. The VetTools appointment confirmation feature helps your clients stay on track.

Appointment confirmation messages

Make sure your clients remember their scheduled appointments with VetConfirm. Send appointment confirmation messages via email, text message or phone message, and use custom templates to make sure the message is appropriate for the appointment type and your practice.

Appointment confirmations even include an easy "click to confirm" option, so your clients can let you know with one click if they'll be there for their appointment.

Check in with your clients and patients post-appointments with survey and review invitations, and friendly follow-up messages.

Choose to send your VetTools appointment communication automatically or manually with just a few clicks.